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Acupuncture for Psoriasis

Acupuncture – Psoriasis

Psoriasis is called SONG PI XIAN. It is said to be caused by malnourishment of the skin due to Blood Dryness. Such dryness can be caused by Invasion of Pathogenic Wind or by Heat. "Heat," in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), refers to both heat you can measure, like a fever, or heat you can't measure - like hot flashes. Heat is also inflammation, hyperactivity, or over stimulation.

Acupuncture - Psoriasis Research

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website; Acupuncture may help some people with psoriasis, possibly due to the relaxation effect of the therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine approaches of eliminating the "heat" and "dampness" in the meridians (energy pathways in the body) associated with psoriasis

Acupuncture treatment for psoriasis: a retrospective case report
By Liao SJ; Liao TA.

Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Research, 1992 Jul-Sep, 17(3):195-208. (UI: 93034519) AT: UCLA siomed wl AC999T
(PE title: Acupuncture & electro-therapeutics research.)
Abstract: We treated 61 cases of psoriasis with acupuncture, including 25 patients with complications of joint involvement and two cases with scleroderma additionally. Most of them (about 61%) had quite extensive involvement of the body. The average of duration of their illness was over 16 years, ranging from two to 65 years.

They received an average of about nine sessions of acupuncture treatment, ranging from one to 15. Almost one third (19) of them had eleven to thirteen sessions.

With the acupuncture treatment, about one-half (30) of the 61 patients had complete or almost complete clearance of the skin lesions. About a quarter (14 patients) of them had a clearance of about two thirds of the skin lesions. Eight of them had a clearance of one third of the skin lesions. Nine patients had minimal or no improvement.

Our experience indicates that acupuncture is an effective therapeutic modality for psoriasis, particularly when the western medical management is unsuccessful. We speculated about the possible involvement of the cutaneous reticuloendothelial system in the clearance of the skin lesions.

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Acupuncture Psoriasis Treatment

Points are generally chosen to clear internal heat. One point for clearing heat in the upper body is:
LI4 • He Gu • Large Intestine 4 Union Valley. Yuan Source Point on the Large Intestine Channel.
Location: On the dorsum of the hand, approximately at the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone, in the belly of the first interosseus dorsalis muscle.
Contraindication: Do Not Needle If Pregnancy is known or suspected

Strengthens Defensive Qi
Expels Wind
Benefits The Face, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, And Ears
Clears Heat
Induces Labor
Restores The Yang
Adjusts Sweating
Releases The Exterior
Alleviates Pain

LI11 • Qu Chi • Large Intestine 11 Pool at the Bend. He Sea Point on the Large Intestine Channel.
Location: On the lateral side of the cubital crease when the elbow is close to full flexion.

Clears Heat
Cools Blood
Regulates Qi And Blood
Activates The Channel
Alleviates Pain
Expels Wind
Drains Damp
Alleviates Itching
Psoriasis Acupuncture Points

Lower Body Point to Clear Heat:
SP10 • Xue Hai • Spleen 10 Sea of Blood.
Location: On the medial thigh, with the knee in flexion, 2 cun superior to the superomedial angle of the patella, on vastus medialis muscle.

Invigorates Blood
Cools Blood
Regulates Menstruation
Benefits The Skin
Dispels Stasis
Acupuncture Psoriasis Acupuncture Point