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Acupuncture for Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease - Western View vs. Eastern View

Terms, diagnosis, and devices associated with heart disease in the West, such as heart disease monitor, target heart rate, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease, are not part of an acupuncturist’s view of heart problems.

What is called a "heart attack" in the West is known to Eastern medicine as Heart Blood Stagnation. What your MD knows as arteriosclerosis might be called phlegm obstructing the channels to your acupuncturist.

Though any responsible acupuncturist would recommend seeing a cardiologist for suspected heart problems, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be helpful in the treatment of heart problems, especially in the early stages.

The idea of a heart healthy diet is relatively new in the West, but acupuncturists and Chinese doctors have been prescribing heart healthy diets for thousands of years.
A heart monitor is a vital diagnostic tool to a cardiologist, but acupuncturists trained in examining the pulse can detect heart irregularities often before symptoms such as heart pain appear.

Many acupuncture practitioners believe that early treatment with Chinese medicine can often prevent heart bypass surgeries, angioplasty and other dangerous and invasive procedures.

Research on Acupuncture and Heart Disease

Dr Holly Middlekauff, of the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine has found that acupuncture can improve the prospects of people with severe heart failure.

Researchers found the acupuncture can dramatically reduce the pressure on the heart.

This is because it can reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates involuntary movements such as heartbeat and blood pressure. Over-activation of sympathetic nerves is common in heart failure patients.

Such over activation forces the weakened heart to work harder, as the blood has to be forced through blood vessels that are constricted by the nervous activity.
It also makes it more likely that the heart will develop potentially lethal rhythm patterns.

Acupuncture can definitely help in controlling heart arrhythmia. Electrical stimulation should never be used in such cases as it will worse the condition

Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii i Lechebnoi Fizicheskoi Kultury, 1991 Mar-Apr(2):30-3.
Language: Russian.
(vI: 91361608)
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Abstract: Discontinuation of chemotherapy substituted for a course of acupuncture and electroacupuncture in 124 patients with coronary heart disease, essential hypertension and neurocirculatory dystonia resulted in a positive response of cerebral and peripheral hemodynamics, myocardial contractility and diastolic function. Myocardial hypertrophy regressed, exercise tolerance enhanced. Reflex activation of stress-limiting systems arresting excess adrenergic action on circulation is probably responsible for these phenomena.


Acupuncture Points for Heart Conditions

Acupuncture Point HE5 • Tong Li • Heart 5 Connecting Li. Luo Connecting Point on the Heart Channel to SI4.

Location: On the palmar surface of the forearm, 1 cun proximal to the transverse wrist crease, on the radial side of flexor carpi ulnaris tendon.

Calms The Spirit
Regulates Heart Rhythm
Alleviates Pain

Acupuncture Point HE6 • Yin Xi • Heart 6 Yin Cleft. Xi Cleft Point on the Heart Channel.
Location: On the palmar surface of the forearm, 0.5 cun proximal to the transverse wrist crease, on the radial side of flexor carpi ulnaris tendon.

Regulates Heart Blood
Calms The Spirit
Moderates Acute Conditions
Clears Deficiency Fire
Adjusts Night Sweating
Acupuncture point for heart problem

Acupuncture Point PC6 • Nei Guan • Pericardium 6 Inner Pass.
Location: On the anterior forearm, 2 cun superior to the transverse wrist crease, between the tendons of palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis muscles.

Unbinds The Chest
Regulates The Heart
Harmonizes The Stomach
Calms The Spirit
Alleviates Nausea And Vomiting
Acupuncture for Heart Conditions