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Acupuncture for Alcoholism


Acupuncture is very helpful in controlling addictions, and the drug problem in this country is a serious one. There are millions of people addicted to alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, heroin, and most of all, prescription drugs.

Since the late 19th century when acupuncture was used to help treat opium addiction, acupuncture has been a part of many kinds of substance abuse treatment. Some acupuncturists believe that the profoundly relaxing effect of acupuncture, creates a state of well being helpful in relieving any king of craving.

Acupuncture treatment for alcoholism and other addictions usually involves using acupuncture points on the inside of the outer ear. This is known as auricular acupuncture.

Short, thin, sterile acupuncture needles are inserted at three to five auricular acupuncture points. Patients sit or lie comfortably for about forty-five minutes. The acupuncture treatments often have a profoundly calming effect on the mind and body.

Besides using acupuncture points to calm the spirit, a typical acupuncture treatment could also consist of three or more acupuncture points to strengthen the liver, kidneys and lungs, which are the major organs of elimination. These organs have often grown weak in addicts because they have been subjected to the daily burden of eliminating an excess of toxins from the body.

People addicted to most substances are advised to receive daily acupuncture treatment until they are free of craving. They then receive acupuncture treatments one or more times a week to help them to remain so. Alcoholics typically require daily acupuncture treatments during the initial period of treatment. To insure long-term abstinence, addicts are encouraged to seek counseling and participate in a support group. Interestingly, alcoholics receiving acupuncture during the withdrawal period rarely experience seizures.

Acupuncture to help Stop Smoking

Acupuncture is also used to relieve nicotine addiction (stop smoking acupuncture). Though nicotine is a much milder drug than some, it is obviously still addicting. Acupuncture treatment to stop smoking can usually be done in a shorter period of time. After one or two acupuncture treatments, the craving for nicotine is usually sharply reduced. After four or five acupuncture treatments spread over a two-week period, seven out of ten patients will have managed to quit. Other smokers will have drastically cut down on the number of cigarettes smoked daily. The same five acupuncture points on the ear are used. If patients do not come in daily, small pellets or press tacks are taped on the ear over these points, and the patient is sent home with instructions to press on them frequently. This pressure creates a mini-stimulus which helps to keep the acupuncture treatment active.

Safe Chinese Herbal Medicine Used by Acupuncturists to Help Addictions

A Safe Herb Used Throughout the Orient to Relieve Craving for Alcohol

Ear acupuncture points:

earacupuncturepoints-addictionsEar Heart, Ear Liver, Ear Shenmen